Home Studio Tips


Musings at the Mic – BY SCOTT THOMAS   “Can I build a home studio for under $300?”  Recently, I was discussing home studio tips and that question was posed to me.  True, there was a time when a home studio was rare in the world of voice overs.  Back in the day, the idea […]

Finding Your Voice in Voice Over


Musings at the Mic  – BY SCOTT THOMAS   There are a lot of factors that come into play when considering what genre (or genres) you’re going to pursue on your voice over journey.  One of the first questions to ask yourself is:  What makes me stand out?  Sometimes, an accent or vocal trait does […]

Starting a Career in Voice Over


Musings at the Mic  – BY SCOTT THOMAS  So…you’ve been told you have a great voice.  Yep…as far back as you can remember, people have dropped that line on you – at the checkout line…at restaurants…on the phone – you hear it all the time: “Wow! Has anyone ever told you what a great voice […]