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These are just a few of the words used to describe award-winning voice actor Scott Thomas.  Whether you’re searching for a voice that’s warm & inviting, upbeat & fun, friendly & trustworthy or any number of other moods and deliveries, Scott’s conversational style makes him the right professional voice artist for the job.

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Safetouch Security Crooks

Voice Acting as a Powerful Branding Tool

Scott Thomas and Safetouch Security: 26+YEARS | 350+ SPOTS

If you live in the Southeastern United States, there’s a good chance you’ve heard a couple of bumbling crooks on the radio, declaring their hatred of Safetouch Security. Hard to believe it, but these two goofballs first started getting foiled by Safetouch with their debut radio commercial back in July of 1997…and Scott Thomas has been the creative force (not to mention, both characters’ voices) from the beginning.

Not many campaigns (radio OR TV) maintain success for decades, but these two crooks have stood the test of time, and continue to be a wildly successful branding campaign for the company.

Jaguars Public Address Announcer

Being one of thirty-two NFL Public Address announcers in the entire world is a unique honor. Scott Thomas never missed a game as the Jacksonville Jaguars’ stadium voice for six seasons between 2002 and 2007. He also manned the mic during several NCAA football championship & bowl games, as well as several of the infamous Florida/Georgia games (known as “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party”), with crowds in excess of 84,000.

Who is Scott Thomas?

Award-Winning Voice Actor

Scott Thomas & co-narrator Pam Almand received the ultimate nod of VO achievement by winning the coveted SOVAS Voice Arts Award for “In Movement there is Peace”. This is a true account of a couple’s enlightening journey on the Camino de Santiago, a spiritual pilgrimage in Northern Spain.
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Audiobook Reviews

"Jeff Strand is awesome anytime, but add Scott Thomas’s brilliant narration and you have a marvelous experience! I had to sit in my dark garage at home at times after drives because I didn’t want to get out of the car!"

Jamie La Chance Audible reviewer

"Scott Thomas is a real GEM! The narration makes the story even better! Absolutely great listen!"

JeLiarra Amazon reviewer

" for the narration, it’s outstanding! I’m kind of a Scott Thomas fangirl, so I’m not surprised that his performance is so great for this book. He uses a whiney and almost nasally intonation for Toby, and while I can absolutely envision that’s what the protagonist would sound like, it just made me dislike Toby so much more."

Elle Kaye Amazon reviewer

"The narrator Scott Thomas is absolutely outstanding once again. He owns the the voices of the characters now. He's a narrator I look for and buy books just because he's the narrator."

Darren M. Amazon reviewer

"Scott Thomas, as usual, is brilliant with his reading. Like I said, I've been on a Strand kick as of late, and Thomas has been the ever-reliable narrator on this journey. He absolutely nails it each and every time, and DWELLER is no exception. I said it in past reviews and I'll say it again, with Thomas narrating, you could literally remove the name in the "NAME said" and you'd know who's talking because Thomas' voices are so diverse. He's so good, it's gotten to the point where I'm looking for *his* work too, just as I would an author's. He brings whatever he's reading to life."

Stewie L Audible reviewer

"This isn't the first book narrated by Scott Thomas that I've listened to, nor will it be my last. He is phenomenal! He portrays Toby perfectly and even though Owen doesn't really talk, he still manages to bring him across brilliantly too. I was enthralled while listening and didn't want it to end. A narrator I can highly recommend."

Natalie Audible reviewer

"I have fallen in love with these 2 mobsters 🙂 Jeff Strand is a genius and so is Scott Thomas for the narration! I'll be checking out more books from Jeff strand....and the same goes for Scott Thomas. Any book he narrates will be great!! I have found my favorite male narrator - finally!"

Tina F. Audible reviewer

"This isn't the first book narrated by Scott Thomas that I've listened to, nor will it be my last. He is phenomenal! He portrays Toby perfectly and even though Owen doesn't really talk, he still manages to bring him across brilliantly too. I was enthralled while listening and didn't want it to end. A narrator I can highly recommend."

Natalie Audible reviewer

"Scott Thomas is an amazing narrator. His mastery of voices complemented the book, and his choice of Toby's voice I think was perfect."

Eddie Mittelstedt Goodreads reviewer

"Scott Thomas’ narration is absolutely outstanding. I will probably never read the physical copies of these books because his performance brings everything to life, and he captures the essence of George and Lou so effortlessly. Please tell me there will be a third book! There has to be!"

Elle Kaye Audible reviewer

"Scott Thomas continues to do an excellent job with his narration. I love his character voices and how well he brings the story to life. His range is really quite broad and I think he perfectly voices each character as they should be voiced. George, Lou, and Eugene are just so much fun to listen to."

Spooky Mike Audible reviewer

"Jeff Strand does it again, he has created something truly amazing. Scott Thomas brings his words to life like no one else really can. If you enjoy this as much as I'm sure you will, try Wolf Hunt 1 and 2 or Pressure. Just be prepared. Like this book, neither author or narrator will let you down lightly."

Kyle Wray Audible reviewer

"Once again, Scott Thomas delivers another wonderful narration of Jeff Strand's book, "Wolf Hunt 2." The voices are consistent, and although one part of the book was sad, the rest was very entertaining and this listener was not left bored. The comedy strewn here and there is priceless. This was another great production. Bravo, Scott Thomas!"

Emilie J. Howard Author and critic

"Wolf Hunt would be a great read on its own, but my God, Scott Thomas's performance of this audiobook is perfection. He slips into a variety of voices with ease, and he's so good at it, you don't even need the "Ivan said" at the end of a quote. You already know, as his voices are so diverse and so on point. Just a perfect performance."

Stewart P. Amazon reviewer

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