Who is Scott Thomas?

For those living in Northeast Florida, chances are good the voice of Scott Thomas is one you’ve heard many times over the years.  

  • You may recognize his work as the two crooks in the Safetouch Security radio ads (yes, he performs both voices) that began in 1997.
  • You’ve also likely heard him on some of the literally thousands of radio and television commercials he’s recorded since the late 1990’s.  
  • For long-time Jacksonville Jaguars fans, you heard Scott’s voice as the PA announcer for six full seasons in the early 2000’s.  
  • Showcasing an amazing array of versatility and range, he has narrated dozens of audiobooks, including a SOVAS Voice Arts Awards winner.  

Scott Thomas is a voice over professional with extensive experience in nearly every genre, including commercial VO, eLearning, in-show narration, animation, video game characters and audio dramas.  Currently, much of his work is in the  corporate narrations arena for projects like branding videos, safety and compliance videos, training modules and more. 

Scott is currently living the dream, working full-time as a voice over artist, as well as an audio producer and creative writer – all from his studio office in Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Award-Winning Narrator


Scott Thomas & co-narrator Pam Almand received the ultimate nod of VO achievement by winning the coveted SOVAS Voice Arts Award for “In Movement there is Peace”. This audiobook is a true account of a couple’s enlightening journey on the Camino de Santiago, a spiritual pilgrimage in Northern Spain.
Available on Amazon, iTunes & Audible.

2016 Voice Arts Awards
Rudy Gaskins, Joan Baker, Scott Thomas
With Narrator Scott Brick
Scott & Narrator PJ Ochlan

The Serial Hobbyist

One of Scott’s many joys is amateur photography, with sunrises and dogs being common subjects…


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